How to get the most our of your massage…

How to get the most out of your massage There are many different opinions and thought processes around receiving massage. Most clients know the general protocol for getting a massage. However, there are things that may never cross a client/patient’s mind that allow them to get the absolute most out of their massage. There areContinue reading “How to get the most our of your massage…”

15 Minutes or Less

I used to work on an ambulance. Today, my mind slipped into memories of fear and anxiety. Each memory, each person, each experience stamped into my nervous system like a never-ending dream. I had run through maybe 5 different traumatizing experiences before I realized I had gone down the rabbit hole. I blinked, shook myContinue reading “15 Minutes or Less”

Developing a Morning Form

Tools to develop a morning yoga practice Let me start this by saying I hated doing yoga in the morning, I would run away from morning yoga schedules whenever I could. I was so stiff and could barely access some of the poses I could do in the afternoon. I always thought my morning practiceContinue reading “Developing a Morning Form”

The Burning Of Masks

The Burning of Masks-a poetic verse of dismantling and reclaiming In hindsight, she can see herself lying on the ground, surrounded by long-winged angels and begging to be soaked with water from the clouds to dim her searing skin. She screamed in and writhed after being burned with fire from the pits, stripped from theContinue reading “The Burning Of Masks”

Thriving During the Holidays

Thriving during the holidays ITS THAT TIME OF YEAR AGAIN. The holidays are fast approaching, and I can already hear the steam rolling out of people’s ears as the pressures and stresses of traveling, of family, of making everything perfect starts to pile on. Now don’t get me wrong, holidays should, and I hope theyContinue reading “Thriving During the Holidays”